Saturday, August 29, 2009


Some maps to help you get around.

Transportation from the airport to Playa del Carmen

For the cheapest transportation from the airport to Playa:

Xavi and I take the bus. There is airconditioning and a cheesy movie. It is 8 or 9 USD each way - pay the driver or the helper outside the bus before you get on. They run every hour from 9am to 10pm (there is a bar outside so you can drink Margaritas while you wait, but they are 10 bucks). The bus runs from the airport to the bus terminal. From the terminal in Playa, you can walk to your hotel or take a very cheap taxi (don't forget to ask how much before you get in).

In order to get to the bus from the airport, you must walk through the whole airport until you are outside. Don't let all the salesman fool you. Just keep walking until you are out of the airport. There are a million saleman trying to get you before you make it to the bus. Just keep your head down and say, "No, Gracias." Everything is more expensive in the airport. Once you are outside, look for the bus service called "ADO."

Shuttles to Playa del Carmen:
Sharing a Shuttle: Approximately 20-25 USD/per person, not knowing how many stops. They will drop you in front of your hotel.

Private Shuttle: Approx. 85 USD per group of 5-7 people. Ask first. Only one destination.

Taxis: Approx. 85 USD for up to 4 people.

Porto Playa Shuttle: 75 USD 1-3 people, 100 USD 4-7 people. You must call to make a reservation: 1-866-479-2738 or 1-347-901-5092. They speak English.

At the wedding...

Suddenly our day feels so much closer. We are realizing just how much needs to be done. We really are working on it. Xavi is keeping me from going too crazy.

Pics, from Ando and Aylie's Wedding...finally!

love, dre and xavi

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

More info, another hotel option

Posada Freud as a hotel option there are three levels of rooms $38 - 48 - 68 with +$5 for AC and a 10% discount for 7 days.

There is a map of Playa screen shot with the three hotels marked - the map is from and really easy use if you haven't found it yet. They are all really close to each other.
PPC = Porto Playa Condominiums
HPP = Hotel Phanton Paradise
HPF = Hotel Posada Freud (where the Krembs are staying - Bernie stayed there before and enjoyed it.)

email to Freud hotel:

Freud hotel website

area website


Phantom Hotel - Cash only!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Ando and Aylie's wedding...

...Getting ready for the big day with some coaching from Ando and Aylie at their wedding.

Having technical difficulties, the picture will follow....we need Fergus...